Web Developer

Lisa Fehr

Waterloo, ON


Computer Science Major



In addition to professional years, I had freelance experience with remote teams prior to my degree.

I have created themes and plugins for Wordpress, worked with the Cascade Server CMS (favored by Universities), and customized various cart software. But working with Laravel has been the most fun.

Recent Skills

Laravel Framework development for a Fortune 500 company.

  • Optimization and refactoring of a large legacy application
  • Source control and Test Framework experience
  • Performed and received code reviews
  • Aware of PSR coding standards - will follow team preferences
  • Strive to meet deadlines and flag ahead of time if they cannot be met
  • Accustomed to frequent releases of large features, and overlapping tasks with other teammates
  • Curious to find the source of bugs rather than create quick fixes
  • Follow new advancements in Laravel and topics from big name developers
  • Mostly backend but familiar with mockups, web standards, accessibility issues, responsive design, css, and javascript
  • Remote work experience, as well as in office
  • Know the pain of Technical Debt and prefer to avoid it