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Site: www.dblack.com

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Full-time - December 2010 to December 2012


Worked on various projects from start to finish. Converted mock-ups into CSS, XHTML and HTML5. Maintained pre-existing sites. Assisted in quoting and technical support. Created a few mobile sites. See website examples on the dblack site. Some note-worthy projects:


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Robin's Jean Footwear  Robin's Jean Footwear  Robin's Jean Footwear  Robin's Jean Footwear  Robin's Jean Footwear  

Site: robinsjeanfootwear.com
Contracted by: Dusty Robot

checked In-active domain

Took a comp and turned it into an XHTML/CSS WordPress template. Set up the dropdowns and the code to select the pages and their subpages. Made a template for the collections. Created a plugin for the paypal shop.

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Level Red  Level Red  Level Red  Level Red  Level Red  Level Red  

Site: levelredinc.com
Contracted by: Dusty Robot

checked In-active domain

Used Wordpress for the content admin and blog. Took comps and created an XHTML/CSS theme. Made a shopping cart widget to add products and use the client's payment provider.

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Montana Photo Art  Montana Photo Art  Montana Photo Art  

Site: montanaphotoart.com
Contracted by: URBTYPE

checked In-active domain

Transformed comps into XHTML/CSS, created the content admin, altered a flash gallery engine and implemented PayPal options.

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